I’ve been at it for just over two years now nad I’m still learning.

It’s an absolutely fascinating Hobby, which fortunately for me, my wife has supported Right from the very start. The mixture of Technology and the fascination of what is out “there” make astrophotography like no other Hobby.

My current Setup, after having made a lot of changes, and one I’m satisfied with, is:

One of our close Friends recently asked my wife, how I manage with the Sleep deprivation on clear nights and she just laughed and answered: “He sets up the Equipment, starts the Software, checks that everything is running smoothly and is usually in bed before I am” :smiley:. Truth :grinning:

Frankly, I think this Hobby would not be half as much fun without SGPro, but then again, I’m extremely biased. :blush:

Clear skies.