I am keen on astronomy and my current equipment is:
Win 7 OS
SBIG STT8300 cam and SG Filter wheel - has guide cam in front of filters
C11 with F6.3 reducer attached
Losmandy G11 - control Via Gemini II and ASCOM driver which I keep updated
Starizona focuser

I also own a 6 inch refractor and a 4 inch apo.

I am a remote freak so am constantly looking at ways to improve remote handling of scope and camera. Currently usin teamviewer to control all the above remotely.

I live in Wales u.k. And it rains i would say 90% of the time, so astronomy is not the right hobby to have - swimming would be better.

There is so much time between imaging sessions that i forget how to use the kit. Hey - watch the polyanna film - reasons to be glad?