10 Micron and Unguided Dither

There was a thread on this issue but it was a a few months back.

I am considering selling my oldie but goody Paramount ME
and moving to a 10 Micron mount.

Are there any SGP 10 micron users and have you had any issues?

Especially regarding dithering w/o guiding but other issues as well.

They look like great and well reviewed mounts.


I’ve had a 10 Micron for almost two years now and it works well with SGP. I have a GM1000HPS at my home observatory and the same mount in a shared remote setup in Spain; we use SGP to control this remote setup too.

There are specific settings for meridian flip as you would expect, there are a couple of free programs developed by 10 Micron users to automatically build models and these work seamlessly with SGP. Unguided dither works well.

I only image unguided; I use only refractors and the longest FL is 925mm.

The last version all works well with the mount.

In the latest beta the meridian flip failed, the first time in beta development for a long time. I have reported this to Ken and Jared. Both mounts therefore use the last 2.6 release.


No issues with SGP, guided or unguided. I’ve had my 2000 for a little over two years. A few glitches here and there, but nothing earth shattering. I’ve used tsx (brand x for me) and maxim with the mount and had issues with both. SGP was the most reliable, night after night. I routinely image 30 min unguided without problems with shorter f/l scopes. Greater than 1100mm and you will have to go with guiding in most cases. SGP works with unguided imaging via the direct mount setting in the program.

The modelling program is essential to unguided success and as Barry has pointed out, they work well.

Tolga, at TolgaAstro, is probably the most knowledgeable person regarding these mounts. If you decide to buy one, he will be there for you, even after hours via teamviewer.

Forgot to mention that you’ll definitely need stickstation or mbox for your mount.

Thanks for the replies! It is interesting that there seem to be no in between opinions on 10 Micron mounts. I have heard great things and I have heard nightmare stories and very little in between. Maybe that is because the 10 Microns are pretty much totally dependent on their models so tend to either work great or not at all. They do not seem to work “Just OK”.

One thing I have learned from over 20 years of imaging with pretty much every US brand of mount, scope, and camera is that no brand is perfect and astronomy equipment manufacturers are often less than willing to admit the fact. Too often they blame the user and this is even true when they ought to know better in the case of experienced users with high end equipment. Some of the feedback I have gotten says 10 Micron is no different in this respect. Astronomy equipment makers are an odd bunch, really.

Perhaps that is nothing new and to be expected. In many occupations, one mostly deals with clients that do not know much. That probably tends to make the default position “must be user error”. I just wish customer support would spend a bit of time figuring out who they are talking to before they assume that the user is automatically wrong.

I am retired from health care and tried to do that with each patient. The background of the individual patient makes a big difference in communication depending on their knowledge of science, medicine and biology. I do wish that astronomy manufacturers would do the same.

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As you say nothing is perfect . . . I do love my 10 Micron mount nevertheless :grin:

Good luck with whatever you end up choosing!

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I think my choice is going to be (drum-roll…)

Not a new mount at all. Only if I do set up an independent system at a remote site would I get another mount and would reevaluate the situation at that time. The AP 1100 AE-L looks decent as well and is the same load and almost the same price.

I am expecting a new Moravian 16200 in about 10 days, however!