10Micron at JNow - SPG at J2000

Hi guys, I have this unusual issue about the Mount-SGP epoch differences. I changed from J2000 to JNow in my 10Micron mount both in the mount Drivers and Hand Pad, its being working fine with SGP, but need the change to adapt to other software.
I noticed that SGP that still have the J2000 and has not changed to JNow.
So, I just wanted to know if SGP uses the mount drivers to automatically change in this case to JNow.
All other setting has not changed only the parameter regarding the epoch at the mount.
The Mount
RA 12h 36m
Dec 89 55m

RA 23h 36m
Dec 89 57m

Before Changing
Both where the same.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

SGPro can talk to any mount in any coordinate system. Rest assured that the J2000 display is only for display and entry purposes and that all required conversions are detected and performed in real time. One day we will either provide both J2000 and JNow or provide an option.

Thanks Ken for the quick reply and the reassurances.
Have a good day