UI Hang after FMW

Steps to recreate:

  1. Start SGP and create new sequence with a profile
  2. Using FMW create target M44
  3. Right click on first (default) target (Target 1) and select Delete
  4. Result SGP UI hang. I did it twice so it is not hard to reproduce.

Log File:

-Appended- M44 target from the F & M wizard so it appeared below ‘Target Set 1’ in the sequencers target window:

Just done this and no hang here on delete of ‘Target Set 1’…Sorry !

I’m on Win 7 64bit and build, maybe the Dev’s can shed more light


OK, in case it has something to do with the profile involved, here is a link to the profile.

Downloading…‘iOptron EdgeHD8-QHY10-Hyperstar.sgp’…Please Wait !


What Camera do you have set in this profile DesertSky ???

Still no Hang / Crash by the way


For what it’s worth… I am also not able to re-create this issue (tried a bunch of different combinations… both with and without your profile). Unfortunately, the logs to point to anything specific.

Thanks for looking at it. Such are the frustrations of software support.