beta build passes New England skies torture test

Just wanted to let you know that last night I ran the latest 2.4 beta build (2644) under some nasty intermittent cloudy conditions. This was a real torture test with alternating clear and cloudy skies. SGP passed with flying colors, I have no issues to report!

SGP went into recovery numerous times throughout the night, including during an automated meridian flip. In all cases it was able to get back to imaging when the skies cleared and I actually got a bunch of good subs from cloud-free stretches.


This is great to hear Andy. I’ve never had the guts to let SGP run when I know there might be some intermittent clouds. So I’m curious about a few things: Was this test unattended? Let’s say some clouds roll in and guiding is lost, SGP goes into recovery, and 30min later the clouds go away and SGP recovers. Will SGP recenter to make sure the target is “on target”?

I do not understand why you all like imaging in horrible clouds (and likely seeing) but I’m glad SGP worked :slight_smile:


Based on issues in earlier builds, I felt I needed to be there was watching it, but generally I did not intervene. I may have clicked “Try Now” to skip recovery waiting longer if I saw the sky had cleared.

Later in the night I went to bed and it was fully unattended.

yes, that’s right.


Because these days that’s the only imaging time we get! The “permacloud” is in place during the winter.

Andy, good to know that SGP will recenter the target.