- can't save images to network location

Due to space limitations on my laptop which sits at the mount, I set SGP to save to a network folder. It is connected via Ethernet. When I did that I kept getting this error:

Canon: Error in CameraCommand_ShutterButton (1) Error: EDS_ERR_TAKE_PICTURE_CARD_NG

Here is the log: sg_logfile_20150408222016.txt (213.3 KB)

If I set the directory back to a local directory, it goes on just fine.


We don’t currently support network drive paths. That said, you can map the location to a “letter” drive and use that.

that’s confusing since i was able with beta 2.4 to save on a local network hard drive (NAS)

You may be right… by don’t support, what I mean is “never tested” and we have no idea how this works (or doesn’t). Windows network paths start with ‘\\’ and we have never tested this with SGPro (thus the reason I suggested mapping it to a letter drive).

well, for sure , local network configuration is somehow user dependant, so no general rule apply.