- Sequence didn't stop at programmed time when in recovery mode

This morning I got up to find that SGP was still trying to plate solve and continue a sequence despite the fact it was light out. I had the sequence set to stop at 5:45 am but somewhere just before that SGP went into recovery mode, probably because it lost a guide star. The last image taken is timed 05:09 and saved at 05:20.

Regardless of whether or not SGP entered recovery mode, shouldn’t it stop at the programmed end time?

SGP log


I just confirmed the behavior. My target went below the trees this morning a few minutes before end time of my sequence. Recovery kicked in and kept trying to restart beyond the specified end time.


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The problem is that your sequence has already passed the “time check” prior to entering recovery and it won’t be checked again until the start of the next frame. I have modified this behavior such that after recovery is complete it will do a time check again before starting the exposure. This should fix the issue you encountered in the log you you posted.

The problem here is that the problem you are describing in words and the problem shown in the logs don’t match. You can see that at exactly 5:45, recovery stopped trying to recover (as expected):

[9/8/2015 5:45:00 AM] [DEBUG] [Recovery Sequence Thread] Recovery canceled… sequence has no light work left…

Your description of the problem indicates that recovery mode keeps trying to recover the sequence past the target end time (the logs attached to the first message show this is not true, but maybe there are 2 different things going on here).

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Man… I used the word “problem” a lot in that last response. I should proof read my responses once in a while…


When I went to the computer, the screen was still showing the recovery box and the mount had not parked. There is then still a lot of activity going on in the log (after 5:45 am) as SGP is trying to continue the sequence again. When I hit abort on the recovery box, it then tried to do an autofocus. I had to cancel out of that to finally get SGP to stop. I used the iOptron Commander to park the scope. I started to intervene at 6:43 am.


No doubt this is true. I can see all that, but this is normal sequence behavior outside the recovery effort.

This is expected behavior (but still corrected) as the check for time has already passed.

I think the time check after recovery bails out should fix this all this stuff.

Thanks for the help.