Beta - Sync question

Hi Guys,

Thanks the for new beta, will test as soon as get some clear sky.

Quick question on this

SGPro will no longer attempt to sync scopes / mounts that don’t want you to sync with them (Like TPoint in some cases).

How does this work, is it automatic as could not see an option though maybe missed it.


Nothing for you to do. ASCOM allows for us to query the mount and ask it if it allows external software to sync it. If it says “no”, we just move on assuming your mount knows what it’s doing.

Thanks Ken

I have my mount (Paramount) set to sync in currently and all working ok, though not convinced now if plate solve actually does anything, well needs to as the pointing is spot on.

The test will be more with the Mesu and Sitech, have a friend who is having a few problems with center here and that setup.

Think we are both under cloud for the next week but will update with the results of the testing.