Apply Profile to Sequence problem

Apply Profile to Sequence wipes out Target Data Directory and sets all Filters to None.

This was readily reproducible for me. If it does not reproduce for you I can send SGF file, logs or whatever else you need.

  1. create a sequence based on a profile
  2. put in a valid Directory under Target Data in the sequencer window
  3. create some Light events and select a Filter for each event
  4. Apply Profile to Sequence (select the profile this sequence is based on), should be a no-op

You see that the Data Directory is cleared and all filters are set to None.



I cannot reproduce the issue with the Directory text box being cleared… I do see the filter issue though.

OK. I see what’s going on here… Apparently you do not have a default data directory defined (which is why I did not see this). I can fix this.