unhandled exception for blind solve


I wanted to test a blind solve and happened to have an AF image on the screen. I right-clicked the image, selected Plate Solve, then clicked Blind Solve. I got this unhandled exception message:

Here’s the log file: sg_logfile_20151104165255.zip (27.8 KB)


Thanks. This has been fixed by not allowing this action for AF frames (at least for now). They don’t have sufficient info for solves yet.

Thanks, Ken. But it was a blind solve that caused the exception. Seems a bit strange to disable blind solves for this particular image when I can blind solve any old jpg I have. For example, if I take a screen shot of that same image, I can blind solve the screen shot (and SGP does not produce the exception)! Certainly the screen shot does not have any more info for the solve then the original AF image, right?


Understood… too much going on and refactoring this is a not a priority. I will place it on the backlog.