- Plate Solve Slowed Down or Hanging

In previous versions of SGP I had plate solving working really well. Plate Solve 2 solved quickly, the scope slewed accurately and I would get pretty good centering. Since installing the latest version, the Centre feature seems not to be working. The screen comes up but then each step seems to take an age - I have not had a successful centering yet since installing the new version.

I haven’t changed my equipment and I haven’t changed any settings. Has anyone else had any issues?strong text

No problems here. I’ve just started a new sequence within the last 30 minutes and PlateSolve2 was very quick (3s). I’m using version on a new Windows 10 laptop. For platesolving I specify Lum, 2x2 binning, 4s exposure.


Yes. I use bin 2x2 and 5 secs with a Lum filter and it was running really well before, also on a Win 10 machine. I’ve no idea what the problem could be.

Please see this post and we’ll see what we can find: