autoguide restart frame bug


Just want to report a autoguide / frame restart if greater than bug that I’ve started to experience. I find that having SGP will abort and restart frames even if the option is disabled in the autoguide tab. I’ve tried enabling it and setting it to the max 10 pixels, then disabling it, yet it still aborts and restarts. Please fix this. If I want to finish a frame that a gust of wind has ruined, that is my prerogative.

Thanks you kindly.

PhD 2.5 rc9

Well, of course it is… If it weren’t we would not have added the check box at all. This issue is seemingly not not reproducible for me. Please send logs showing the issue and we’ll look into it (need to see how it got into a state that can’t be turned off).

I guess one thought has occurred to me (since it has been a source of confusion for some in the past). Are you turning the frame restart option on and off in the equipment profile manager?