recovery mode vs target end time

Hi Jared and Ken,

I know you guys are a bit swamped with support questions but hopefully you can take a look at this when you get a chance.

I was imaging unattended last night with my final target end time set at 5:44 AM. I checked on the system in the morning at 6:15 am and saw that recovery mode was active. Apparently the sky conditions had deteriorated overnight leading to recovery mode. I manually aborted the recovery mode at 6:15 am and let the end of sequence actions run.

My question is… shouldn’t the 5:44 am end time have caused the session to end and run end-of-sequence options at 5:44 am or shortly thereafter?

log file: http://adgsoftware.com/ap/misc/sg_logfile_20151010185629.zip


Andy, was the end time set in the target settings or in the global end time for the sequence:

I don’t know if that matters at all, but it may be that the target end time works a little different than the global end time.

I would have thought that as well, I would think sequence end time would trump everything else let we be imagining in sunlight. :smile:

I just had the target end time set, not the global one.

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@Andy I took a look and I believe I see the problem. Recovery quit at 5:44 as expected, then SGPro does another time check in the sequencing engine to see if you are past your end time. In this case, there was a bug in that check. Should have this fixed up.

excellent, thanks!

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