2.4 Beta 10 - erroneous warning about autoguider when starting sequence

New issue in beta 10: I get this spurious warning about the autoguider not being available when in fact it is up and guiding.

PHD2 2.4.1g
SGP v2.4.0.2696

Steps to repro:

  1. Open phd2, connect equipment and start guiding.
  2. Open SGP with a sequence, start sequence

logs: http://adgsoftware.com/misc/beta10_guider_warning.zip


I am not able to reproduce this behavior. Using the versions above, I start guiding, then start a sequence. No warning dialog is shown. That said, this dialog does not mean PHD2 is not guiding, just that SGPro did not have a valid socket connection when you clicked run sequence.

I started PHD2 and guiding prior to opening SGPro and then started PHD2 and guiding while SGPro was open. Neither produced this warning.

I did a brief run tonite with beta 10. It was with PhD “f”, not “g” but I did not see that message (or any).

Also, this was a test of the new build of TheSkyX and they seem to have fixed the error where PhD was being told the mount was slewing when it was not. It was apparently not a driver issue but rather a problem in TheSkyX/DirectGuide. Bottom line is that DirectGuide now seems to work.

My tests were pretty brief as the clouds returned.

Ken, I did some experimenting and found that it depends on how you open the sequence file!

a) Start SGP, File => Open Sequence or pick item from recent files on File menu
no error

b) double-click a SGF file in Windows or use the SGF file item on Recent list in Windows Start menu


Interesting. That explains why I did not see the error.

same issue here, clicking ‘resume’ from the control panel solve the problem, PHD appears in the graph and the sequence can start normally…

Unfortunately, this works just fine for me too. That said, I did fix a bug around opening sequences by double clicking before I tested, but I cannot fathom how that would be connected to the guider (just a recent sequences bug).