Issue - New 'Info' icon functionality!

Hello all,
Had a play with the info icon in the sequencer which now gives you info if anything goes wrong.

Set up a simple sequence using M45 with V2 cam simulator and EQMOD ASCOM Simulator for the mount and a very short sequence of 5 x 10s exposures.

All fires up fine and the initial Dither happens and it settles for the 10 seconds I have set. As each exposure begins the Info box receives the following message:

“Failure while integrating M45; Event 1: Frame *** of 10S. Image has not downloaded in allotted time period”

Every time an exposure ‘BEGINS’, I get one of these messages and each exposure is successfully downloaded anyway.


I noticed the same thing. The icon told me that the frame did not download, but they all downloaded.

Same in too.

Bump Ken if he hasn’t already seen this

While we appreciate the report, I guess I’m not sure about putting any time into this one right now. If the error is limited to simulators, we have some other more critical path items to work at the moment. Or maybe I don’t understand the issue…

Doesn’t happen only with simulators, I usually quote a simulator camera where possible in case anyone trying to reproduce a claim has not got a QHY8L to test with. It happens with the Sim camera’s and my QHY8L and I suppose whatever camera ‘gnomus’ used when it was also noticed by him/her.

Im not suggesting you should jump on this just because I reported it, I am quite aware some really important stuff is under way and I wouldn’t expect you to drop these just for this, the Info Icon box is putting up a false error message which at some point needs to be addressed. Myself, and I’m sure ‘gnomus’, don’t really care if you guy’s sort it in a years time just so long as you stick it at the bottom of your ‘To-Do’ list.

I only ‘bumped’ (with respect) as someone else confirmed the same thing and there was no acknowledgement previously.

Back burner for this Ken, just as long as your aware. And, before you say it…“NO you were not Short, Sharp or unappreciative” :grinning:

Best Regards

Yeah Ken, this isn’t just a simulater issue. I get the failure to download
message a lot with real world sequences. I agree it’s a very minor issue.
I’ll post up a log the next time I’m out, which may be months…

Ah OK. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll take some time to see why this can happen. It is actually pretty important to fix if it’s happening, otherwise there is not much point in the notification system (boy who cried wolf).

I found the issue here… this should be resolved in the next beta. Thx for the report.