tried to select “no filter” in the settings pane and SGP crashed…

this is an SBIG STT-8300M + FW8G filter wheel.


edit: in addition, if the copy of PHD2 that SGP had started is left running, upon restarting SGP it throws an exception and won’t start until the instance of PHD2 is quit.

Log would be helpful.


OK, will find it, hopefully it isn’t truncated.

was faster to cut and paste these lines, will post whole log later. this is the last thing in the log.

[6/23/2016 9:22:47 PM] [DEBUG] [Filter Wheel Thread] SGM_FW_SET_POSITION message received...
[6/23/2016 9:22:47 PM] [DEBUG] [Filter Wheel Thread] GlobalExceptionHandler caught : Index was outside the bounds of the array.
[6/23/2016 9:22:47 PM] [DEBUG] [Filter Wheel Thread] Runtime terminating: True

SequenceGenerator.zip (21.9 KB)

longer log is a bunch of flats followed by an accidental filter change in the filter dialog. by default the drop-down is unpopulated.

shorter log is starting up SGP again after the crash with the old instance of PHD2 running, but it just sort of ends with no real info.


I am also getting a persistent crash in the build with the SBIG drivers. At the moment it is pretty much unusable. I posted in another thread.