Filter not changed after autofocus

I just hit another new problem for me - and the log clearly shows an anomaly.

I was doing a long sequence of first Ha and then Oiii - with autofocus every 40 minutes, and with efw2.

After the 15th frame it does autofocus again - using the C filter - and then attempts to switch back to the Ha filter - but the log says:

[12/23/2016 1:12:22 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] AF is complete, continuing sequence…
[12/23/2016 1:12:22 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] TEMP - Current Event4: 0
[12/23/2016 1:12:22 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Setting filter position 5…
[12/23/2016 1:12:22 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Filter position 5 is already set. Skipping…

The log clearly shows it switching to C for autofocus - but never switching back to filter 5 (Ha). So somehow the query to EFW2 is incorrect. From then on all the Ha exposures are actually C exposures apparently. The FITS headers in those files say Ha - but the images are clearly C.

Then later - at around 1:34 it moves to the next filter in the sequence, Oiii, and properly changes it.

It then does 9 good Oiii exposures - but then the 10th exposure at about 2:33 it again fails to switch to Oiii and the remaining exposures are with C filter.

[12/23/2016 2:33:15 AM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] SGM_FOCUSER_AUTO_FOCUS complete…
[12/23/2016 2:33:15 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] AF is complete, continuing sequence…
[12/23/2016 2:33:15 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] TEMP - Current Event4: 1
[12/23/2016 2:33:15 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Setting filter position 7…
[12/23/2016 2:33:15 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Filter position 7 is already set. Skipping…

So there is a problem either with efw2 or sgp. The strange thing is that it only happens after autofocus - which suggests it isn’t just the filter wheel. When the sequence tells sgp to switch from imaging with Ha to imaging with Oiii - the filter wheel does move. But some of the times that it asks to switch filters after autofocus - it thinks it already has the right filter when it doesn’t. I don’t think I have seen this before.

Aside from that the asi-1600 was working fine so I don’t know what caused the problems last time.

Here is the log:



It looks like my last download of the Atik Artemis drivers was early October - so I was not using the very latest drivers from Oct. 28 - ( so maybe things are improved in the new atik drivers.

But it’s still odd that the filter did change when it said to do so in the sequence - but not after autofocus. And I don’t see any filter errors in the log.