various problems

sg_logfile_20170323111258.txt (23.0 KB)
Numerous problems last night:

  1. Could not resize windows. The windows cut off the right side and bottom.
  2. ZWO 224 MC would intermittently hang on downloads. Needed to disconnect and re-connect the camera to get it working again.
  3. SGP forced PHD2 calibration, even though I had unchecked all autoguider boxes. This ruined my previous good cal.

The log file is attached.



Not clear what this means.

I don’t think this is the right log… only shows opening of SGPro and nothing else.

Like these! I will try to find the correct log, but the one I sent is what I had when viewing the log. Perhaps, I needed to find an earlier one.

Odd indeed. Are those representative of the view of the entire module? Are they rendered this way every time? Just sometimes?

Anyone else seeing this? I haven’t yet seen any scaling issues dealing with the modules.

No! only the small docking modules. At first startup, they are fine. I close the window and re-open and these windows get clipped. I don’t know what starts it and no amount of closing and opening seems to change the window. I cannot resize. If I close SGP and re-start, the windows will be fine. I am controlling the observatory computer remotely, which could cause issues, but closing docking windows and re-opening should have fixed a remote issue. I looked at the logs and what I believe is the correct one is too big to upload…