2 cameras of same model but mono and OSC

I have two ZWO ASI1600’s

One is monochrome; AS1600MM Cooled, and one is Color; AS1600MC cooled.

How can I have different equipment profiles for these to cameras? Do I need to hook them both up at the same time so they are seen as ASI (1) and (2)? Will that continue to work when only one is connected at a time (the normal state).

I’d also like to have some indication in the FITS header that would distinguish between the two.

SGP doesn’t know that one is color and the other is mono. You can create different profiles for each camera and name the file output accordingly. I’m honestly not sure how the ASCOM driver will handle picking which camera is connected to it. Also I’m not sure if that information will be retained in the ASCOM driver (ie if ASI (1) will always be the mono camera?)

Since SGP can’t tell the difference between these two I don’t believe this would be possible.