2.x.x.x - Allow External Control of Telescope unhandled exception

Hi Ken and Team,

Just want to point out a relatively harmless unhandled exception.

Required to reproduce:
-“Allow External Control of Telescope” is enabled and listening
-Launching a second instance of Sequence Generator Pro

-Unhandled Exception dialog appears on splash screen, second instance of SGP seems halted, first instance of SGP is unaffected
-If quit: second instance of SGP closes, first instance of SGP is unaffected
-If continue: second instance of SGP attempts to listen on socket but cannot, Scope Server Error dialog appears (ok only) --> Scope Server Error dialog becomes unresponsive and second instance of SGP performs a non-responsive windows type crash. First instance of SGP remains unaffected.

Again, a pretty specific and harmless error that only affects people using SGP as a listener for telescope control. Very low priority.