2nd plate solve frame is blurred


Slightly weird one this. When I set up for a run, one of the first things SGP does is slew of to my location. It then Plate Solves absolutely fine. It comes back will a small error, and performs a second slew. At this point it takes another frame and downloads. However, this downloaded frame is blurred, almost as it the mount was bumped or the slew had not come to a complete stop before the frame is taken. Because of the blurring the plate solve then fails. My next port of call is to cancel and start again, at which point, the mount does a single slew and everything is fine. For me, this blurring happens every time. Any ideas ?

Is there even a way to have a delay to allow the mount to settle for 5 seconds after a slew when plate solving?



Alistair, look at Control Panel, Telescope, Mount Settling Time (in bottom right hand corner. Put in a setting of, say, 3 seconds and see if this fixes things.

Cool thanks - will check that out.

I tried that, set to a settling time of five seconds, without solving this issue. Seems like the software is expecting the mount to be done centering and takes another image before the mount has completely stopped. If it helps, I use the Skywatcher EQ6 Pro with eqmod.

I use a 12 second delay with my EQ6 Pro.

I’ll try a 12 second delay next time the sky clears.