Lock up on Telescope Disconnect

I installed to solve the end of session lockup yesterday.

It did not fix the issue. As soon as I attempt to disconnect from the Paramount ME (which was parked) using SGP, it locks up SGP just as the previous version.

I have reverted to the old version for now.

Log at:

Log File

Bill, I also have been using this beta with my MX. I have not seen this issue as yet ( at end of sequence options I warm up the sensor and then disconnect everything after parking the mount and closing the roof), what version of TSX / Windows build are you using?

TSX 11485

Windows - pretty old, I have stopped updating and removed that PC from the net because I no longer trust MS not to mess things up. Last update was 12/30/17 KB 4053580

Definitely the connection to TSX and the mount that are the issue. I can disconnect everything else just fine as long as I do them first. That makes it more annoyance than anything serious.

I’m using the same TSX build (April 18). After the January Windows issues, I temporarily went back to Win 7 but after all the reports, returned and fully updated to Win 10 again. I had a few unscheduled resets but it has been generally behaving itself apart from one isolated incident where SGP did not get the AtPark reassurance and left the roof open. I have been imaging on at least a dozen nights with this TSX version and just a few nights with the latest SGP beta.

This may be something different than what was fixed. I’ll see if I can replicate.