- Planning Tools Bug - Wrong Transit Time

I have noticed in the latest build the planning tools is displaying the incorrect transit time, as you can see here it is stating the transit time is 19:37 which is totally incorrect

The correct transit time should be around 20:27

Are the values (lat/lon/etc) in your user profile correct? Date/Time and Timezone set correctly on your machine?


@Jared Yes they are all correct, if you look at the image, the “Peak” of the object is to the right of the transit time which verifies that my location etc is correct but SGPro is giving the wrong transit time, the transit time should be where the peak is as per below:


I have just tried this out in Beta .300 and I agree there is an issue here


The above pic shows pretty much what Carlight has pointed out, this example is using
NGC 7023 picked in Stellarium and pasted into the F & M wizard.

Although SGP is reporting NGC 7023’s transit time as 19:44 (which does not look right
in the planning tools), Stellarium is reporting NGC 7023’s transit time as 20:34.


In the planning tool, if I place the ‘Cursor’ at 20:34 then the transit position looks more or less right as seen in the above picture.

The difference between what SGP is reporting vs what Stellarium is reporting is 0:54 mins

I have also checked all my timings and settings which all look right so I would also like to add my support to this thread as a definite issue.


I have one that goes the other way

Transit according to the Peak and Stellarium is 20:59 but SGP is saying 21:37

this time it has added time to the transit


And then I have others that are spot on

Ah, missed that in the image.

We did change how some of these calculations are made. I have a feeling they might not be handling DST correctly.


@Jared I would agree with your comment about DST, but I have found some targets in my sequence that have a correct transit time, some that are behind and some that are ahead

Sounds like a See-Saw


@pscammp looks like it might be the flux capacitor :smiley:


A Negative Reality Inversion !


Ref DST…That would be a whole Hour either way, my test showed it to be only 0:54 mins out

@CarlightExpress @pscammp

This issue is because we took the resolution for graphing WAY down because we no longer rely on it to calculate start / end times. I will think on this a minute to see if we can be more accurate here without incurring a delay in opening target settings.

Pretty confident I have this fixed to a point where it’s good enough for release… Tested about 10 targets and transit time was reported w/i ± 2 minutes of Telescopius. Will release a new beta tonight

Nice one Ken



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On this issue

.313 looks pretty dawn good to me

Cheers Ken


Agreed, much better

This is why I use SGPro, because stuff gets fixed :slight_smile: