and blind failover

Starting a sequence with .330 tonight, Plate Solve 2 was clearly not going to solve so I stopped it manually (in order to invoke the blind fail over) and I got “toast” saying that the sequence had been aborted by the user, but it did go on to invoke the blind solver.

Is that the intended behavior? My experience is if platesovle2 doesn’t solve in about 100 tries it won’t solve at all and you should just move on to astrometry.net. I don’t think that should end the sequence (especially since a limit on the number of platesovle2 tries is difficult to get to stick, or I just don’t understand how to do it).

That is not the current behavior… SGPro interprets the solve and subsequent blind solve as one action. Asking to abort, aborts all of it and pulls you out of the sequence. There isn’t actually any place in the sequence that abort is to be interpreted as a request to move to the next step.

When you say you aborted the solve, how did you do it? What was the solve for? Centering?

@dts350z does not describe exactly what is meant by aborting the solve, however, in this situation, I find that if you close the PlateSolve2 window it will move on to blind solve which is the behavior being requested.

This is ok, you just can’t click “Stop Search” on the PS2 application.

Don’t know how this returns to SGP but I would expect it to terminate PlateSolve2 and move on to blind solve. Terminating the sequence is totally unexpected behavior.

Yes, closing PS2 will move on to blind solve. Aborting the solve from within SGPro assumes you want to abort the sequence.

I’m confused, previously you said “can’t click “Stop Search” on the PS2 application” which I take is different than aborting the solve from within SGP. I would expect the former to continue to blind solve and the latter to stop the sequence. Please clarify.

FYI, I just clicked “stop search” in PS2, and got the toast saying I had aborted the sequence. Hence my post.

Avoid clicking anything inside PS2. PS2 is, unfortunately, not designed for integration and using it from another app is a little janky. SGpro does not know if you click that button. I think you can just close it and be ok though. Have to test that. In general, try to issue all commands through SGPro.