(Stable) Bug - Autoguider settling after every image

This problem is back again.

Choosing the options shown causes the sequencer to wait for the auto guider to settle after every image is taken increasing sequence time unnecessarily and significantly.

I think this option is supposed to wait after every dither or every AF run.

Not sure when it cropped up again I haven’t been able to image for over a month due to weather and just downloaded the latest SGPro today.


I’m having the same issue and have stopped dithering and everything goes back to normal but I also have a problem when doing a sequence and it goes to do a meridian flip it doesn’t pause the autoguider then a few minutes later it will say guide star lost sequence aborted

This has been addressed. Will be out in the next release.


Awesome! :clap:

Hi Jared,

Thanks for correcting that. I will download the new version of SGPro however the next few nights will not be clear so I will not have opportunity to check this function.

Can you confirm that the auto guider should wait for the prescribed “settling” time after:

1, Dither
2, Auto focus complete
3, Centering

Any other time?


This is in .425.

I cannot recall all of the different potential triggers for auto guiding settling. But those seem correct.

If you’re outside of your threshold prior to a frame start SGP will also settle.


I downloaded the new version last night and it still does the same thing where I can’t dither cause then it goes into settling for along time then aborts sequence and when I do a meridian flip the guiding doesn’t pause so the it aborts and if I recall there used to be a box you can check when to pause guiding when mount slews which is not there under auto guiding

What version is this in? “Last night” being a relative term, just noting that the version with these fixes was only released about 3 or 4 hours ago.

Thanks for the additional info Jared.

The one I downloaded last night was version

That version does not have any of the changes discussed here.

You’ll want or higher.