3.1.254 - a small bug and a possible improvement

First the bug: The “Selected: …“ entry in the Target Data group is not synchronized with the actually selected target in the target list. It seems it only shows the first name from that list.


Now, I would like to suggest some small changes to the area:

  • The Title in the Target Data Group is basically wrong, as the data applies to the complete sequence and not to a single target. The group should be called Sequence Data.
  • The line “Selected: target name” in that group is redundant. In the new version of the target list, the selected target keeps its background color even after the list loses focus so that the name of the selected target is clear at a glance. That line could be removed from the group.
  • This would allow to permanently show the drop-down list for the selected “User Profile”. This information has been removed from the sequence windows title bar and is missing.