3.1 version

If I’m using already, do I have to update to 3.2 or will just continue to work

I would recommend updating to 3.2. 3.1 will continue to work for the time being but when we eventually turn off those licensing servers it will likely fail to license. Also you cannot license new 3.1 machines at this time.

Upgrading to 3.2 is free and you will never be charged for a 3.X upgrade. 3.2 was released to use the new licensing servers but other than that it is identical to…this should be a low risk update.


Low Risk? I Can’t even get 3.2.600 or 603 to start :frowning:

Can you be more specific? What do you see? Any errors?

I wish I could give more info, I double click the program and nothing happens.
I’ve tried both versions, doesn’t matter tonight, its getting late
If nobody else is having issues, it’s just me.
It may be an AVG antivirus or MS onedrive issue, that’s what usually catches me out if i cant get something to run, i’ll install on another system tomorrow.