307 beta problem

I ran this beta last night, can you tell me the sequence it should run at? Mine ran - open roof, slew to target, then it started the guider then focus, then centre… all the while the guider was running so it lost the guide star? i thought that it was slew, focus, centre, guide?

This sounds like a bug… do you have logs? It might be some sort of setting where auto focus is modifying the state of the guider. The startup order is Dome to Mount sync, slew, auto focus, center, guide, start imaging.

I have setup a test sequence to run tonight(perhaps!) will post logs tomorrow.

SGPro keeps your logs around for a week if you want to send the one from yesterday. In this case, the sequence file could also be of use.

Log -


This was a bug dealing with settling the auto guider before auto focus frames. SGPro got confused because you had this option checked, but you were not guiding… so it tried to start guiding. I’m not 100% sure how to handle this case, but for now, it will not attempt to settle if auto focus starts and you are not guiding.

That’s strange because I purposely had that option unchecked for this test because I thought it might be the problem.

You might as well remove the “pause during autofocus” and “settle” options from the guiding tab as they are redundant now?