3rd option for Astrometry : Custom Remote

I would like a 3rd option for Astrometry : A custom remote option.

Currently, the choices are either nova.astrometry.net, or astrometry installed on the machine running SGP.

A third option (or simply allowing users to specify the settings of Astrometry Remote instead of forcing nova.astrometry.net) would allow users to host ANSVR on another machine on their network that may be more suitable for the task (my case), or perhaps provide local solve functionality to a group event that may not have internet access, etc.

Not something critical by any means, but it doesn’t seem to be a huge ask either. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I thought you should be able to do this already since I recalled that SGP asked you to put the host and port in the ANSVR settings. But it looks like they no longer do that. They apparently jsut assume that it is installed on localhost (

You can enter the endpoint now:



Well bleep.

Didn’t even think about actually trying to change that, being a dropdown. lol

I feel stupid now.

Thanks for the help, Jared!

Most people use one of those two options. So it’s not as intuitive for entering your own. Also keep in mind that transferring it to a different machine will incur some amount of time.