4 frame Mosaic shows only the same subframe position, no move to next subframe position

I’m new to SGP and I’m struggling with the mosaic function.

I have created successful a sequence of 4 frames mosaic of M81.
In the target list appears M81-1 to M81-4 with 10 pictures/per target to take. I can see in the background picture the first position. The saved filename is as expected M81-1…

But the there is no movement to the second subframe position of the mosaic and so on.
The saved filename is permantely M81-1… of all 40 pictures and shows always the same position of the mosaic.

I’m using PHD2 and SGP in the latest version.

Thank you in advance and kind regards

Hi Maro,

could it be, that you have all the events of the sequence attached only to the first target (M81-1) ?

Please click each target (M81-1, M81-2, …) and have a look at the event list for each one.

Kind regards,

Hi Horia,
please find attached my screenshots of mosaic target M95.

As you can see every subtarget has its own position.
I have in all event checked “Run”, filled out Exposure and Repeats. (not show in some screenshots)

Please advice where my mistake is.

Thx amd kind regards

I notice that the ‘Run’ boxes on 2-4 are blank, could that be it?

Hi Buzz,
as I wrote before, I didn’t check it for the screenshots!
Normally I check it and fill out the Exposure and Repeats.

Kind regards

Ah, I missed that. No idea then. Nothing else jumps out. I have not done a mosaic for a while but frequently do multi target sessions.

Hi Buzz,
I hope in a few days I’ll have clear skies. I will make more screenshots and send you the log files.

Kind regards

don’t forget the log files - they will be useful to work out what is going wrong

Hi Buzz,
here are the screenshots of my configuration settings in SGP and PHD2

May be I’ve done here a mistake

Kind regards

I do not know which mount you are using but you may achieve better guiding will less aggression and hysteresis.

I would also turn off star-mass (I don’t know the German, but I recognize the dialog layout)

I have had the same issue couple of months ago and did not find the solution.
The only way to do my mosaic was to perform the first target then stop the sequence, uncheck the first target, save the sequence, reload and re-run the sequence with the only second target checked.
Then redo the same for the third and so on…
Jared told me he did not find something wrong in the log file…

You can check this thread

I have a Skywatcher EQ6. Any hints for the settings concerning PHD2?

Do you talk about the multi star guiding in PHD2?

Hi Jean-Marc,
Thank you for your workaround.

Let‘s wait for my new log files and Jared‘s answer.

Kind regards

Good idea.
I’d lîke to get an answer too…

This is very easy to solve, you have confused targets and events!
You have setup 4 events for target M95-1, but no events for the other targets.

4 events to run for M95-1

M95-2 marked and you can see no events is setup to run for that, same goes for M95-3 and M95-4.

Hi Xplode,
As I wrote before to Buzz, for the targets M95-2 to M95-4 I didn‘t check Run etc.
For the screenshots!

Normally I always check the necessary items for targets and events.

Kind regards

You have acutally set the targets to run as can be seen here. But all except the first target is registered as finished since there is no event for them. The V means that the target is finished (since there’s nothing setup for it)

No events setup for 95-2…same for 95-3 and 95-4.

I don’t think you understand that all targets have their own events since you have setup 4 events for M95-1 with the exact same settings.
If it were setup correcly you would setup 1 even for each target with those settings.

Hi Xplode,
Tomorrow night I‘ll have hopefully clear skies and do screenshots of my sequence setup and send the logs.


Hi Xplode,
I had no rest today until I check your feedback. And I repeated my sequence setup process.

The screenshots are taken step by step as SGP is processing the mosaic setup:

And here I found probably my mistake!

Screenshot 6 shows the initial window after successful target creation (5), all targets have the hook behind the targets.

My mistake is in screenshot 7, where I checked “Run” for the 4 events and entered Exposure and Repeats.
I thought everything is correct and run the sequence.

But when I clicked on the M95-2 properties, I realized that no “Run”, Exposure and Repeats is checked and filled out!

So SGP permantely stayed on M95-1! You are absolutelly right, Xplode!

I checked all remaining target properties and checked the items.
A correct sequence should look like in screenshot 10.

I will test it tomorrow.

Thank and kind regards