50 shades of red

Just a thought - would a night vision mode be something worth doing? - since SGP occupies the whole of a laptop screen rather nicely, and with auto hide on the menu bar, it would just be SGP in seductive shades or red…

We have thought about it, but probably won’t. If SGPro get minimized or closes somehow it would be bad. In terms of apps that tint everything on the display red, there are plenty of those (like f.lux). I am a personal fan of red acrylic.

Something else that I use on my obs computer is a little program called dimscreen.exe It doesn’t turn red at all it just simply reduces the gamma lower than the screen could normally go. You can adjust it by 10% increments. There’s probably better things out there but this is simple and effective.

I just tried dimscreen.exe. Works amazingly well. Just what I was needing since my HP notebook obs machine’s dimness won’t go low enough. This does and is so much easier to use than the built in brighness controls. For me the red acrylic did not work at all. Can’t read the screen well enough and a nuisance to take on/off. Thanks for the info on this.

I did a google search for Dimscreen.exe to find a download site. I noticed a whole bunch of associated threads noting problems with the program, messed up security settings and several threads offering help to remove and fix the program. I’m not going there I think

That’s interesting buzz. I did see one article regarding dimscreen and malicious code, but I’ve been using dimscreen for years and have never seen a problem at all. But if you’re wary it’s not worth the risk. I’m sure there are other utilities out there.

So I installed it and it worked great. Nice keyboard control with Ctrl+ and Ctrl-. So cool. Then I have PI running and use Ctrl+, which in PI scales up the image a notch. It scales up the image. dimscreen has now disappeared. No longer shows up in the windows Notification area items, and no longer is available even if PI is not running. Not very satisfying behavior. Guess I will give it a pass too.

This is what I use for star parties http://www.scopestuff.com/ss_r8xx.htm

It works very well and is a good deal clearer than rubylith. We’ll with the money in my opinion.

Software solutions are OK but generally don’t have system wide coverage in most cases and I find that they soften the image as well.