59 hours of M76

I’d like to say this was a Herculean effort preceded by meticulous advance planning and that it involved tremendous feats of endurance. Really, I’d like to say that. But in truth laziness was a much bigger factor. It’s all just too easy with SGP: “hey, I’m already setup for M76 from last night, so let’s just keep it in the target list for tonight’s session. You know how weak that SII signal is!” I really didn’t know I had 59 hours until I counted up all the frames.

Anyway, I have both tricolor and bicolor versions on my pBase site:


These are from 20 minute exposures with a CPC1100, using an SXVR-H694 and Astrodon narrowband filters at 0.6 arcsecs/pixel. More details with the images. Thanks to Ken and Jared for allowing me to get 59 hours of sleep while this all happened.


Very nice! Lots of good detail, especially in the tricolor version!


Thanks Jared. The real task is to catch up on my processing. I’m finding it much easier to capture new data than to process it.