A couple of gremlins (beta9)

I’m running Beta 9 and found a few gremlins.

The > arrow does not always appear for the event running in the sequencer window. It is simply absent.

The 2nd is an exception error. I have low stretch as default on acquisition. When I right clicked and chose no stretch, I had an exception error. Pressing continue - no problem, but at any time in the future, trying to choose no stretch again on that image caused the same exception error.

If I cycled through the images with the green arrows and tried again, no issue at all in removing the stretch.

Thanks for the reports @buzz

This happens only with multi-target sequences (I think), when you click off a target, the in-progress arrow disappears. While it would be funnier to say that the fix is “don’t do that”, I did the less funny thing and fixed the issue (beta 10).

I cannot reproduce this issue and as there are dozens of instructions issued when we stretch (or remove it), it is impossible to track down without replication or more information. If you can get it to happen again, can you describe the exception in more detail? And then after dismissing it, can you grab a screen cap of SGPro (the entire window if you can… please make sure the sequence and control panel windows don’t block the view on the image menu bar)?