A messages at the end of the auto focus

I might get help … I am having these messages at the end of the auto focus, this happened with Lum filter Picture 1 and with the Blue filter Picture 2….

Using the following settings SGPro Ver.
Rigel nStep focuser using in SGPro Auto Focus Option: Auto Focus Data Point 9 and Step Size 30
William Optic GTF81 81mm Apo Refractor with Focal Length 535mm
Orion Starshoot G3 Deep Space Monochrome, Pixel size: 8.3 µm, Image size: 752x582
AF Expose for Lum 3sec bin 1x1
AF Expose for Blue 5sec bin 1x1

Thanks in advance for any help!

These are normal warning messages. There are many reasons why the validate
HFR image might be out of tolerance from the expected (ideal) HFR
calculation. I also get these messages all the time despite perfect V
curves and good focus. In your case since you are using a refractor, I
think you can pretty much ignore these warnings, as long as the HFR value
isn’t grossly out of line with the expected HFR.

Now that autofocus does a validation image after moving to the optimum focus point, it can check that the validation image matches the expected HFR at that focuser position. I my case the warnings were telling me the focus wasn’t as good as expected. It turned out that I didn’t have my backlash adjusted properly, which is why it wasn’t returning to the proper focus. After adjusting my backlash settings I haven’t had this error since.

Ok Thank you…

Thank you I will try…