A missing file?

Hi all,
I have had sgp for a long time now, but have not really used it… a familiar astro story!!
anyway, it has been working fine, just the usual tweeks to settings, I loaded the program as normal last night and got this error message?
I haven’t knowingly changed anything and platesolve was working perfectly?
has anyone seen this before or know of a solution…help!!!
this morning I loaded the Beta to see if it would change the settings, and I think its going to be the same, the file in question is still not there?
many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Colin,

That looks like (since it is a temp file it is looking for) it did not take or download or save a plate solve image in the TEMP folder. Did your camera actually take a sky shot and display it on the screen at the time? Did you check (for a FITS file) in the directory that SGP was looking in? Did you retry…is it ongoing or just a one off?

I don’t have answers - just throwing out some thoughts here. I have not seen this happen - but think if I did I would just retry straight away. It may just be a one off glitch that prevented the file from being saved in the temp directory.

I have sussed it :slight_smile: somehow I must have moved or deleted the file setting from the optional profile settings!
now I have reset to the default settings, it has restored it to the proper place and platesolve is back online…
Happy days :smile:
thanks for taking the time to answer

It would be happy days indeed if the clouds stayed away from my part of Spain.:cloud:


Whereabouts are you? Im an hour north of Alicante, been really clear the last couple of nights…

Hi Colin - message sent (to go off the board with this).

Click on your profile icon - top right - and then the envelope symbol to go to your messages. (If you knew this already…sorry…just don’t think you have been using this board before…so you might not find it too easily and I can’t remember if you receive a separate notification or not).