A note on feature requests

Just a quick note on feature requests. We don’t always respond to them… this is, in no way, indicative of some kind of implicit rejection. We are not in new feature mode right now and are way more focused on reported issues. By all means, continue to make requests… by all means, add your “+1” to requests that you like. We do (and will) go through them.

A personal request… please don’t make “angry feature requests”. Asking for something predicated on the fact that “SGPro” ruined your life doesn’t help anyone and makes me cranky.


Also… in your requests, please include why you want it, not just what the feature would look like (even if you think it’s obvious). This will help a great deal when we are prioritizing requests and need to determine if a solution to the need already exists, but maybe looks different or uses a different workflow to the same end result.