A run couldn't start PHD2

sg_logfile_20181009184851.zip (82.8 KB)

I have occasionally seen this error but last night it kept happening. Despite PHD2 being connected and having done a calibration run, SGP repeatedly showed an error getting it going. Restarts etc all failed. Later it return to working.

Any advice welcomed.

Lawrence Harris

I have seen some strange behavior too. I have been imaging almost nightly for the last two weeks during a spell of clear weather and for the last two, SGP started up PHD2 but did not connect any equipment. I caught it before the scheduled start and manually connected. After that, all was good.

This was the 3 and 4th night on a sequence and I have not changed app versions. The only ‘change’ is I discovered the ability to separate the PHD2 panes out into separate windows. I am also running Win 7 and no updates have been applied. I’ll re-install PHD2 snapshot and try again tonight, with log files enabled.

I re-installed the PHD2 snapshot and did not unpark the PHD2 panels. Everything worked fine all night. I didn’t want to waste a clear night but at some point I will play about with it to see if it is just coincidence. Jared has mentioned in a related post that sometimes the two programs don’t see each other. I just wonder if it is due to everything happening in a time window, which other action on the PC can interfere with by taking over CPU activity.