Abell 39, way off the beaten track

I like this planetary for its almost perfectly spherical nature. It’s the archetypal PN. This image uses OIII mapped to deep teal blue for the nebula, and RGB for the stars. Capture details are below the image. Thanks again to SGP for letting me sleep while imaging.

Abell 39 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox


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Man, that is a cool object!

Nice round stars too :wink:

Great image! Both gathering the data and processing it. Question: why use the extreme dithering? At that image scale, I would think small or medium would be used.

Thanks, Pete and Chris. Pete, now you’ve challenged my memory! I’m trying to remember how I figured that extreme dithering was best for me, but it was at least a couple years ago. If you remember what it all means, please enlighten me!