Ability to choose focus method per filter

Maybe this already is there but I can’t seem to see how to do it. I use focus offsets for narrowband filters (using L for focusing) but usually have LRGB focus directly. What this means is that I can’t have narrowband and LRGB running unattended on the same session. One night I run LRGB with the autofocus system focusing with each filter. Others I do just narrowband (and change the settings to use offsets) because the focus system won’t do it both ways (unless I’m missing it). It appears to do offsets or focusing directly per filter, but not both in the same sequence.

It would be nice to be able to choose the focus method used per filter so I could have narrowband filters using offsets but still have LRGB do autofocus directly as part of the same sequence.

Thanks for the great product,

Correct. Currently you have the option to either “auto adjust focus per filter” and use a different filter for focus. Or you can disable both those and use the actual imaging filter for focusing.

Any reason you’re against setting up offsets for your RGB filters and just using your lum filter for focusing everything?


No, not against using offsets but I don’t always trust my ability to accurately determine them which is why I like to focus directly for LRGB. But that doesn’t work with the narrowband filters. Using Bahtinov grabber I try to determine my focus offsets but I can get many different numbers with repeated iterations and finally just choose an average. My temps here change fairly quickly and steadily through the night so by the time I go back and verify it with a lum focus, it has changed again.

I’ll work on the RGB offsets.


Thanks for the suggestion. Closing this a duplicate request.