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I was wondering in a later release if it would be possible to pick which filters specifically you want to use the Focus with Lum feature? For example if I am shooting an HA bright area, Rosetta Neb for example, and I want to shoot LRGB and HA in the same night I set the autofocus to Focus with Lum because I have had issues in the pass focusing HA in bright regions. What I would like to see is perhaps the ability on the Filter page to say focus L with L, Red with Red and so on, but with Narrowband I would like to focus with L and not have to focus with L with all the filters in the sequence.

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Not a bad idea… would like to see if we can figure out how to do it without adding a ton of options (confusion)

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Agreed! Right now one has to use offsets in an all or none fashion. It would be nice to be able to use them or not on a per filter basis.

Great idea!

The features in SGP are super but to be honest what is even better is the positive attitude and response to suggestions and the fact that with SGP one has at least a reasonable possibility of seeing the suggestions implemented some time before all the stars have receded from view. :wink: This is not the case with any other imaging software that I am aware of!

I have to agree. I won’t limit this to just software. It’s extremely rare to see a post on here regarding a problem go unanswered. I wish I could say the same about my other products. Great job!


I also think this would be useful and maybe not as hard to implement without adding complexity or extra options to the focus/filter dialogs.

Right now, I have a set of filter offsets for all my filters (LRGBHaOIIISII) for my AP155. Each has the offset as a focus position that I measured on the night I took the offsets (28575 for L, 28590 for R, etc…) and select the “use L for focus” option and “use filter offsets” option. Everything works great.

Now if I only wanted to use the offsets for the narrowband and focus through the RGB filters when used, one option would be to set the offsets to the filter I wanted to focus with directly to 0. So my offsets would be L 28575, R 0, G 0, B 0 Ha 28600, etc). If the “use L for focus” and the “use filter offsets” are enabled and the offset is non zero, then it behaves as it does now, however, if the offset for the filter is 0, it would use that filter to focus and ignore the use L for focus/filter offsets. For a coding POV, I don’t think it would be to difficult to implement (then again I don’t know how your code is set up) Simply if filter offset == 0, ignore other flags and focus with desired filter.

My two cents.

Thanks for a great program!

Frank Z…

I was thinking about this a bit tonight. In the filter setup dialog, what about a drop down called “Focus with” for each filter that allows the user to map each filter to a filter to focus with? In the event filter N has filter N selected, the offset textbox is disabled as it does not apply. Otherwise, the offset is relative to the chosen filter.

This way you could have LRGB set to LRGB (offsets disabled) and then map the narrowband to either L, or use R for Ha and SII and green for OIII, specifying whatever offsets you may need.