Ability to take cropped data

I use SGP to run my 20" scope in Chile. I use a QHY600m camera, which requires transferring a lot of data for each image. The observatory limits users to 10GB/day and that’s actually not hard do with that camera using short exposures. There are times when I’m imaging a small, bright object (like the Bug Nebula) and it would be really nice to specify a cropped frame that is 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 of the full frame so that I could use much shorter exposures and greatly reduce the amount of data that I need to transfer–and process. And before anyone jumps in to suggest binning, I do bin; but only in processing. There are good reasons not to use camera binning and I want to transfer raw, 1x1 data. It seems like this would be a pretty simple thing to implement within the sequence options for each object. Ideally, the user could specify the size from a few presets or from a cursor selected “preview”. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you guys can add this capability to a future version.

John Hays

Sure… a reasonable request. We cannot commit to a delivery date, but it has been added to the backlog.

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Thanks Ken! Understood.

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