About the Feature Requests category

Use this category to request new features for Sequence Generator Pro. Please Try to ensure that each request has its own topic (no piggybacking please).

Ken, you and Jared have been remarkably proactive and your turnaround is fantastic. It is hard to keep up sometimes.

Taking a look through the feature requests category- it occurs that it would be useful to somehow identify which are active, completed or rejected?
Do you have a master list? That would help to reduce duplicates or missed opportunities.

I for one will need to go through all my recent posts and in some cases ensure that proposals in non ‘feature request’ categories are repeated as feature requests? Is that OK with you?

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Hi, I see there have been past requests for an ability to have a tolerance for focusing. I would like to second that. I also have an ASA telescope and because the focuser reports a 1micron difference from the target value, the entire process fails. Thank you