Add an option to blindly trust the mount. Skip syncs


I know the topic has been discussed already, but here we go again. I got a new mount a Paramount MX+, the mount doesn’t requiere any close loop slew, after building a model the mount simply points to the the right place period.

However a bad sync command could spoil the model or even worse, a bad sync could lead to a mount collision. Not an SGP fault but sometimes astrometry has wrongly solve my images.

Would it be possible to add an option to skip any sync command and blindly trust the mount?

I love the close loop slews implemented by SGP, they work wonders on my EM200 or Atlas but on the MX+ they do more harm than good.



You can mostly do this:

  • For target options, choose “slew” instead of center
  • For meridian flip, uncheck “center after flip”

Slewing does not attempt to sync.

I think that the flipping code will run a solve and sync prior to the flip… we can take a look at that one on a later date.

Locking this before it turns into a 70 reply argument.

Just for clarity this only happens when the center here options are enabled.


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Ok. Looks like you actually can achieve a “syncless” session with 2.4. Unless I am not thinking of something.

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