Add platesolving and syncing to SGP API

Hello again. It would be nice if the SGP API had a command to capture an image, plate solve it and sync the telescope to the solved location. So basically the exact same functionality as the Solve and Sync button in the Scope Centering module, just accessible from the API.

This might not be a big priority, but it would be easy to implement. I’m thinking of automatizing the collection of telescope sync points through the SGP API, but there could be other uses too.

Yes , that would be useful , as some soft as the model maker for 10 micron mounts could take use of this to construct a pointing model.

Agreed. Currently the only way to get Model Maker to function is to use MaximDL and, despite Model Maker’s usefulness, I will not be buying MaximDL for that reason (or any other I can think of…)

Please note that this has been accepted (you can tell by looking at the category above)… it is certainly a good idea. The API, in its current state focuses on controlling equipment. The next set of API functions will actually allow control of sequence and “actions” (like solve and sync). We have not pinned this down yet, but it’s coming.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hello there, any follow up to this?

Currently the API request (/solve) is able to solve a frame, but still can’t center the scope.
Is there a workaround to the issue?

If you can get the solve, can’t you then through ascom sync the scope? I get having SGP do it would be simpler, but if the API call returns the scope location you could use that to sync.


@mikecmp sure thing, that’s an option too, though I have no experience with ASCOM scripting.
I just believe that, since the Solve and Sync routine is already implemented in SGP, it’d be straightforward to bring it to the API as well.