Add 'Sequence Has Ended' to Notification system

For those of us who don’t have an automated way of closing our roofs, it would be extremely useful to add an option or two to the notification system.

We could either have a ‘Sequence has ended’ notification or a ‘Scope has parked’ notification. If ticked this would allow a notification to be sent via the Good Night System that would wake me up to go close everything up for the night.

I’ll go for the ‘Sequence has ended’ notification too

Agreed. Seems like a good option to have for various reasons.

I know this is an old request, but was it ever made possible? I’m using and still don’t see it in the external notifications menu. My nightly sequences mostly run event free but a ‘Sequence Has Ended’ text would be nice to see for peace of mind. Maybe a version 4 addition?