Add subframe focusing or add option to use FocusMax for focusing

Hi all

Another feature request I have is a change to the way the autofocus chooses it’s field of view.
I saw this request for “use subframe download for the auto focus crop feature” but don’t think this quite cut’s it.

My 16803 Camera has a 1x1 download time of 32seconds, the 2x2 is still in the region of ~16 seconds (IIRC not used 2x2 for a looong time). So when taking 3 seconds focusing exposures, the download is what really slows the auto focus down.
As you probably know, FocusMax only uses one star for focusing, which has worked fine for me in the past.

It would be great if therefore a change could be made that:
-Allows the setting of a subframe for focusing (Request 1164 doesn’t quite cut it as from what I understand as this will need user input in the form of drawing the subframe on screen)
-Maybe implement the possibility to use FocusMax for focusing