Adding "File" endpoint to the notification system

We will be adding a “File” endpoint to the notification system (addon). This, in many ways, will be like a log file BUT with one important difference. It’s content will be designed to be readable by the user. The SGPro logs, while helpful, are not designed to ingested by users and have WAY too much clutter to be usable for historic purposes.

In addition to this, the file endpoint can serve as a great companion to GNS. GNS is great for alarms and current status, but keeps no history of past events.

It will probably have options to be either plain text or CSV so you can take a look and filter in applications like Excel.

Good to see this!

I don’t suppose we can get you to reconsider the custom URL endpoint? :slight_smile:

No, we will work with that through the API as planned. These endpoints are going to stay simple.

Just wanted to check if there was any update on the file endpoint?

Also, I realize this may fall into the same bucket as the custom URL endpoint, but an option for running a script / command line in the notification system would be nice (and scripts are already part of the sequencer from an options standpoint, at least).

Implemented in 2.4.2