After update - EFW stopped working?

I thought I posted this already, but I can’t find it. so posting again.
SGP did a update… .24 is version I have now.

I get a error now when trying to connect my EFW. It’s not like any other error that I get if the equipment is not connected. It’s different.

It seems to imply - a mismatch of a dll file or something from the update?

I’ll attach the error. I have tried other cables, ports, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and more. It persists. I keep thinking it has to be a problem with the update?

I couldn’t figure it out. I think it had something to do with a 32 bit driver or program installed on 64bit win.

I restored a month before, that brought it back… I then had to reinstall the dome driver. (rotator) so I’m back it would seem.