Alas, 'Center Here' for QHY10 broken again!

Well the clouds finally gave way after weeks of horrible weather. I was able to run some tests with the new release and It seems the ‘center here’ function is broken again! It worked in but failed after the landscape view was returned to portrait. If I select a point 180 degrees rotated from the point I want centered everything works as expected.

Other than that I used the new auto focus and it works great.

(This is a copy of a post I sent to the original thread … it’s been about 11 days and no response so I thought I’d repost as a new thread.)

Followup on the issue … I was able to test the latest release of SGP a few nights ago. I had the HyperStar setup up and running and SGP performed 'Center Here’s flawlessly. When I returned to imaging at prime focus, the ‘Center Here’ failed.
It seems to only work with the QHY10 in Hyperstar mode!

Can you send me a raw fits from the QHY10? Does this only happen when the image is rotated in SGP or does rotating the image resolve the issue?

What plate solver is being used?


Here are links to two FITS files. The Lagoon Nebula is taken with the Hyperstar lens. The M63 is with FR. Both with the QHY10. When I tried to use Center Here while imaging M63 the function failed - seemed to send me off 180 degrees from the proper direction. The Center Here worked just fine when I was using the Hyperstar.

Not sure if rotating the image would help. I didn’t try that.

I using PlateSolve2.

Update: Outside now imaging the Lagoon with Hyperstar. Rotated the view 90 degrees (to make the QHY10 view in landscape vs portrait) and used the Center Here with no problem.

Thanks for the update. I’ll take a look this evening. Sounds like something is not getting handled correctly with the flipped image.


Any news on this issue?

Unfortunately not. Other things taking priority.



I wanted to bump this topic up as I have the exact same issue when using QHY10C and latest generally available SGP. version.
Additionally, I was wondering if SGP could auto rotate image in the sequence from portrait to landscape and still keep astrometric data? Could this be solution to center here issue?

Right. I am not sure what to do here… I have tried to reproduce this 6 ways to Sunday and have had no luck. Seems operational to me.

This is a request to QHY. We just read the data the way they deliver it to us. It is the only known CCD camera that delivers data in portrait. Please ask QHY if they would mind rotating this data in the driver.

Maybe, but I don’t think so. We account for this type of rotation in the math.

Thanks for your quick response.

Can you share your settings and SGP version that you tried to reproduce the issue and you could not?
Do you set overscan area remove in QHY settings?
What do you use for astrometry solution in SGP?

I don’t think so… this was back in August and I made changes in code to simulate the QHY10 with another camera (we don’t own a QHY10). These changes were obviously temporary. I can try to take a look at some point in the future again to see if a fresh look conjures up any new ideas. It’s on “the list”.

So far as I can remember, this problem was only seen (by others) when using PS2. Pinpoint and Astrometry.NET did not seem to show the issue.